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FoxTales Wildlife Rehab

All thanks to your compassion and support we were able to make our biggest donation yet,
a whopping $795 was donated to

FoxTales Wildlife Rescue

FoxTales is committed to rehabilitating native wildlife mammals that are found orphaned, injured or sick with the goal to release them back to the wild for a second chance at a healthy life. They also want to educate the public in ways they can coexist with wildlife, and are a source the public can reach out to with any questions or concerns they might have about any wild animals. Even if we do not possess the ability to rescue the species we will help them find a rescue that does!


FoxTales Wildlife Rehab is a nonprofit organization that is founded solely on donations. They do not receive any money or grants from the state or federal agencies. They are able to take in as many animals as they do from the support of the public.

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