Beneficiary Application

Fundraising For Your Non-Profit

Don't be shy, apply!

We are always looking for animal oriented non-profit organizations to support, let it be yours!

Here's what were looking for:

🖤Domestic Animal Rescues/Organizations🖤

🖤Wildlife Rescues/Sanctuaries/Organizations🖤

🖤Farm Rescue/Sanctuaries/Organizations🖤

🖤Animal Driven Educational/Resource/Prevention/Protection Groups🖤

Sound like you? Apply Now!

Currently we select our beneficiaries on a quarterly basis. During your 3 month beneficiary period, your organization will receive a donation of $1 per candle/melt sold. Total sales will be completed on the 1st of the month following your beneficiary period. Donation will be sent at the end of your beneficiary period once all sales have been accounted for, please allow up to 10 business days from the final day of your beneficiary period to the deposit of your donation.

Wait, thats not all!

We now have the option for our beneficiaries to sign up to receive an Affiliate Link. This will provide your organization with a specific URL to our online store. During your beneficiary period every online sale driven via your link will result in an additional 10% commission.
That's $1 per candle + 10% commission for your organization!
Once your beneficiary period ends your Affiliate Link can still be used to earn 10% commission as long as you remain an active affiliate!