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Schoharie Creek Sanctuary

Thanks to all of your support, We successfully raised enough funds to install Eowyn + Ottis' much deserved water line! 

All thanks to your compassion and support we were able to  make our biggest donation yet,

a whopping $755 was donated to

Schoharie Creek Sanctuary

"Here at Schoharie Creek Sanctuary we are committed to providing sanctuary and compassionate care to the rescued animals that live with us. We also aim to spread awareness and education regarding the dangers of the animal agriculture industry to the animals and the environment."
All fundraising will go towards a waterline for Eowyn and Ottis. Eowyn was diagnosed with BVD as a calf and is persistently infected. This is a lifelong, contagious illness to nearly all other farmed animals. We quickly made a fenced in pasture and shelter for her on a plot of land we own across the street. A few months later, we adopted Ottis and they have grown the be the best of friends. Their friendship is absolutely beautiful! We have been bringing buckets of water each day for about a year now. While carrying 5 gallon buckets of water from the barn to sweet Eowyn and Ottis multiple times a day might seem like fun and a good workout, we would love to put a waterline and drinking source in for them this summer. 

Thank you for your compassion and support!

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