Stand Up For Pits Foundation

Stand Up For Pits Foundation

Our 2024 1st Quarter Beneficiary:

Stand Up For Pits Foundation

$1 from every candle sold from January 1st - March 31st will be donated to Stand Up For Pits Foundation to aid their heroic efforts for our Pibbles.

Stand Up For Pits Foundation is a non-profit that was established by Rebecca Corry after being touched by an Angel, literally. Rebecca adopted Angel from a South Central Los Angeles Shelter in 2008. Angel’s story and remarkable spirit changed the life of Rebecca Corry while Angel continues to change the lives of people around the world who meet or learn of her amazing story of survival.
Rebecca refers to Angel as the “velvet hippo” and calls her a real life living Angel.

Because of the abuse and discrimination Angel endured, Rebecca has experienced first hand being Angel’s proud Pibble mom, thousands of dollars have been raised, many lives have been saved, and many minds changed through positive education.

Rebecca knows there is much work to be done and is dedicated to creating safe and humane communities for humans and pets by putting an end to abuse and discrimination. Angel is and will always be the reason for everything Rebecca does and Angel is proof that saving one life can change everything.

Rebecca and Angel’s story teach us all that every single life matters and deserves the chance to be lived.

   Stand Up For Pits Foundation is dedicated to ending the abuse and discrimination of Pit Bull "type" dogs (Pibbles) throughout the United States. Saving the lives of many Pibbles through live events, education, and advocacy. Never limiting the means in which they advocate, always finding new ways, new thinking, and new changes while empowering others to do the same and stand up for our magnificent dogs.
The Stand Up For Pits Foundation supports Pit Bull “type” dog rescues around the country by raising funds, providing publicity opportunities and Pibble adoptions at the Stand Up For Pits live events (to read just some of the Foundation's success stories go to
In addition to their anti cruelty efforts and national Spay & Neuter Angel Day program, they continuously provide front line rescue support across the country in countless ways through our Angel Grants. From providing AC units to shelters, care for dogs found by good Samaritans, supplies and support to rural shelters to high medical needs dogs saved from cruelty and abuse on the streets of Los Angeles – to name a few. Angel Grants get dogs out of shelters and into rescues who would have otherwise never had a chance. Angel Grants are pit bull type dog specific but they are never limited to the ways in which they can help and save our inherently good dogs.
The Foundation donates to and supports educational programs and front line rescue efforts. We advocate, educate and save lives and we will continue to focus our efforts to end dog fighting, abuse and discrimination.
Please help continue Angel’s mission with the Stand Up For Pits Foundation by purchasing Dapper Bear Candle Co. during the months of January, February, & March. You can also donateattend live eventsbuy SUFP merchandise, and most importantly educating everyone you can about the importance of spaying/neutering, ending animal abuse and breed specific legislation, reporting dogfighting, and rescuing. 
"May she rest in peace and continue to inspire us today and always to be the voice of the voiceless."
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